sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

My new obsession

Exercise. It's a fairly new one, but I'm loving it.
Beginning of February, I started kickboxing. I've been wanting to take on sports for a long time, but I haven't really had the time or chance. Of course, I was also a bit nervous starting a whole new hobby I might not be good at. In the past, most of my hobbies have been a pain. I've liked them, but I've never loved exercise. I've done swimming, dancing, karate and gymnastics. I haven't really been able to enjoy just the feeling after a workout or actually succeeding. This was a big leap for me, considering I would start midway course and three times a week.

When I went there all of my nervousness vanished and I just enjoyed the sweating, punching and kicking. I had been doing some ab and thigh workouts so I wasn't completely hopeless. I love every day, because either I have kickboxing, or I'm having it the next day. I love this hobby so much. I really hope it stays that way, and I can't wait to actually fight someone. Man, I'm so excited. I've also started running. I run almost everyday, and it's awesome. It feels so good with the darkness, fresh air, and my amazing Spotify playlist.

I also made a little drawing of a girl after a workout :)

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