sunnuntai 23. helmikuuta 2014

Winter holidays

...are almost over. I've done hardly anything useful, but I've definitely had a fun and relaxing week. I haven't been out with friends that much. I've been focusing more on reading and drawing. Of course, I've been doing my kickboxing. Here are some of my favorites from this week:

I seldom draw or paint animals, so I'm pretty happy the way this tiger turned out. The water and the background could have more dimensions to them. I'm not one to work on a piece for hours and hours, rather, I finish them in a few minutes.

This book is in Finnish and is written by Niilo Lauttamus, a soldier who fought with Germanys Finnish SS-troops in the second world war. It tells the story of young men leaving for Germany, receiving hard training and eventually fighting beside the Nazis against the Soviet Union.
It doesn't really have a plot, but it kept me interested through the whole story.
I just returned it and got another book written by Lauttamus. So far so good.

I have just received my package from Sheinside and couldn't be happier. I got a cute sweater for around 20€. I really like it. I was worried of the quality but it seems fine. Maybe I'll order from Sheinside again. Also I got some pajama like floral pants from Bik Bok. They are something I've really wanted to try out, so maybe when the weathers warm up, I can try them out :)

So thats about it! thanks for reading :P

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